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Professional Services

DinoSec - Professional Services

We tackle challenges whose level of depth and complexity demand our wide experience, skill set, and knowledge.

We carry out in-depth security analysis of complex infrastructures and new technologies. We investigate high business impact security incidents. We perform internal and external multi-platform penetration tests in mission critical environments, and penetration tests targeting specific technologies (web applications, wireless communications and environments, mobile devices, applications and infrastructures, etc). We provide advanced security consulting services, and we are always open to study requests from customers with very specific needs.

Research Services

DinoSec - Research Services

We are passionate about analysing and researching emerging threats and the security implications associated to new technologies, communication protocols both wired and wireless, mobile and other hardware devices, etc.

We spent some of our "free" time to these research activities, together with the more specific research challenges demanded by some of our customers.

Training Services

DinoSec - Training Services

Our belief is that knowledge sharing in the security field is a key element to achieve a more trusted and safer information society. That is the reason why we have an extensive training portfolio available, driven by the deepest technical level, and offered in an ondemand and onsite format.

We are also available for speaking engagements, conferences, events and briefings on a variety of information security related topics.

All our training courses (web applications security, mobile devices security, wireless technologies security, etc) are hands-on based, including a wide range of live demonstrations and practical exercises, because we are convinced practice makes perfect, and real-world testing is the best method to reinforce what theory teaches.

''I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.'' - Confucius

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