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''SECURITY: SEnsation or acCURate realITY?''


15-20/OCT/2018SANS "SEC575: Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking" Training

Raul Siles
SANS London October 2018 (6 days). London. UK (English)

29/NOV-02/DEC/2018Hackathon CyberCamp 2018

CyberCamp 2018 - INCIBE. Málaga. Spain (Spanish)



Web-App & Mobile Pen-Testing Proxy Tools: Protocol Support Table (v1.0 - 20180605).
June 2018.

DinoSec's 10-Year Anniversary... and WPA3

A new (or "the last") blog post has been released in the DinoSec Blog (after more than three years... ;-) celebrating DinoSec's 10-year anniversary and providing a quick technical overview of the new WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Wi-Fi standard that will be published along this year.
May 2018.

RootedCON 2018

The IoT presentation from RootedCON 2018, "IoT: Internet of T...", has been published.
April 2018.

Hackathon at CyberCamp 2017

The CyberCamp 2017 event hosted any coder's favourite event - the Cybersecurity Hackathon 2017. This Hackathon complemented the previous years' competitions celebrated at CyberCamp.

During the Hackathon competition, teams competed against each other again to develop or improve upon open source cybersecurity tools, solutions and/or applications. The winners and all participating projects have been published, complementing the projects from the Hackathon at CyberCamp 2016 and the Hackathon at CyberCamp 2015, plus the 4YFN Cybersecurity Hackathon in February/March 2017 (4YFN, 4 Years From Now / MWC, Mobile World Congress).
December 2017.

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