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''SECURITY: SEnsation or acCURate realITY?''



The video for the "To Sec or Not To Sec: DNS Question" talk about DNSSEC (in Spanish), delivered at the XII Jornadas STIC CCN-CERT by Monica Salas and Raul Siles has been published, together with the presentation .
December 2018.


The video for the WPA3 presentation (in Spanish) at Navaja Negra 2018 (#NN8ED) has been published.

A reduced version (in PDF format) of the ¡Póngame 3! Whisky, Pacharán y Anís presentation by Raúl Siles in Navaja Negra 2018 (#NN8ED) has been published.
This early version only includes all the references for those interested in starting to read, go deeper and learn about an in-depth technical overview of Wi-Fi WPA3, and the related specifications like Wi-Fi Enhanced Open & Wi-Fi Easy Connect (SAE, OWE, DPP...).
October 2018.


Web-App & Mobile Pen-Testing Proxy Tools: Protocol Support Table (v1.0 - 20180605).
June 2018.

DinoSec's 10-Year Anniversary... and WPA3

A new (or "the last") blog post has been released in the DinoSec Blog (after more than three years... ;-) celebrating DinoSec's 10-year anniversary and providing a quick technical overview of the new WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Wi-Fi standard that will be published along this year.
May 2018.

RootedCON 2018

The video for the IoT presentation from RootedCON 2018, "IoT: Internet of T..." (EN), has been published.
March 2019.

The IoT presentation from RootedCON 2018, "IoT: Internet of T...", has been published.
April 2018.

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