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''SECURITY: SEnsation or acCURate realITY?''


GuardedBox: Online client-side manager for secure storage and secrets sharing

Aware of the difficult situation both individuals and organisations are living due to the Coronavirus crisis, Juan José Torres (@s3curitybug) and DinoSec (@DinoSec) have intensively worked during the last weeks to improve, redesign and release GuardedBox, a platform that allows users to store and share their secrets in a secure manner, both for teleworking and onsite working scenarios. GuardedBox was the winning project of the CyberCamp 2018 Hackathon competition by INCIBE.
Blog: GuardedBox (es)
April 2020.

Security vulnerabilities in technological platforms

The video for the "Padres no hay más que dos y los míos son hackers (y recelan de las plataformas tecnológicas)" talk about security vulnerabilities in common day-to-day technological platforms (in Spanish), delivered at the XIII Jornadas STIC CCN-CERT by Monica Salas and Raul Siles has been published, together with the presentation.
December 2019.

Workshop: Hacker for one day

During 2019 DinoSec has delivered multiple workshops about the culture of hacking and cybersecurity. More information in the Spanish version of this website.
December 2019.

Hackathon at CyberCamp 2019

The CyberCamp 2019 conference hosted any coder's favourite event - the Cybersecurity Hackathon 2019, for its 5th consecutive year.

The winners and all participating projects have been published, complementing the projects from previous years.
December 2019.

WPA3 and MDMs

The video for the MDM presentation and the video for the WPA3 presentation (in Spanish) at Navaja Negra 2019 (#NN9ED) have been published.

A reduced version (in PDF format) of the ¡Póngame otras 3! Whisky, Pacharán y Anís presentation by Raúl Siles has been published. This new version complements and extends the WPA3 contents already presented in 2018.
October 2019.

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