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''SECURITY: SEnsation or acCURate realITY?''


"Practical Wireless & Radio Hacking" (PWRH) Training in 2017

The initial planning is to celebrate the second edition of the "Practical Wireless & Radio Hacking" (PWRH) - Bootcamp training during the Rooted CON 2017 conference, probably around March 2017. The training will be updated with new contents and will be delivered in two, or even three days.
May 2016.

Security Conferences in 2016

The IoT (Internet of Things) presentations from Rooted CON 2016, "La cena de los idiIoTas" (Spanish), and from the XVIII Jornada Internacional del ISMS Forum, "Internet of Threats" (English), have been published. The most remarkable content for both talks was the live demonstrations, but they won't be available until the videos are published.
May 2016.

Hackathon CyberCamp 2015

CyberCamp 2015 once again hosted any coder's favourite event - the Hackathon. This year, teams competed against each other to develop or improve upon open source cybersecurity tools. The results, winners and participating projects have been published.
November 2015.

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