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DinoSec - Core values

DinoSec is an independent information security company established in Spain in 2008, with a worldwide service scope, focused on improving its customers information security stance, by discovering and eliminating or mitigating the real risks that threaten their information technology infrastructures, applications, devices, systems and networks.

To achieve this goal, DinoSec's portfolio includes specialized information security services, requiring an in-depth technical knowledge and broad understanding of the information technology market, as well as advanced research services and training services, focused on providing customers with self-defence skills.

DinoSec remains at the forefront of the security market through continuous research and education activities.

The company core values, foundation for all its services, are based on the following main tenets: excellence, quality, honesty, knowledge sharing, independence, and innovation.

Who We Are

DinoSec is formed by:

  • Raúl Siles
  • Mónica Salas
  • Juan José Torres

We are a team of highly skilled professionals in the information security field, with proven experience in different information technology areas, such as ethical hacking, external, internal and technology-specific penetration testing, incident investigation, forensic analysis, wireless communications (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth…), network management and monitoring architectures, web applications, mobile devices, Voice over IP (VoIP), and any new technology.

Throughout our careers we have achieved the following technical certifications: GSE - GIAC Security Expert, GCWN - GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator, GAWN - GIAC Auditing Wireless Networks, GCFA - GIAC Forensic Analyst. GCFW - GIAC Firewall Analyst, GHTQ - GIAC Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques, GCUX - GIAC UNIX Security Administrator, GSNA - GIAC System and Network Auditor, GCIA - GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst, GCIH - GIAC Certified Incident Handling Analyst, GSEC - GIAC Security Essentials Certification, CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Analyst, CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional, AIS - HP Openview Network Services (Accredited Integration Specialist), AIS - HP Openview Systems and Servers (Accredited Integration Specialist) and Infovista Certified Professional.

What is the Meaning of DinoSec?

DinoSec - Dinosaur

The term DinoSec comes from the words 'Dinosaur' and 'Security', and it is inspired by one of the most fascinating species that dominated the Earth. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs got extinct because they could not adapt to the unexpected threats stalking them. The question is whether modern organizations are aware of their threats and if they are prepared to confront them: ''Security: Sensation or Reality?''.

It is quite surprising that the probably mightiest creatures in history became extinct, what should lead us to think about our own and our organizations' future. Moreover, it is paradoxical that, in order to study the largest living species that have existed, it is required to go down to microscopical levels and analyse the most (supposedly) insignificant details. DinoSec owes its name to the direct similarities between the dinosaurs world and the current information security state-of-the-art, advanced technologies, threats, and the importance of the tiniest technical details for the modern organizations and businesses' survival.

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