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''SECURITY: SEnsation or acCURate realITY?''


iOS: Back to the Future

The two presentations (both contents are in English) I delivered this year at Rooted CON and Area41 about security vulnerabilities in the iOS update process are available in the DinoSec Lab, Rooted CON and Area41 respectively, together with (current or future) links to the videos.
June 2014.

Update: (September 17, 2014)
Apple has addressed the "iOS: Back to the Future" vulnerability in iOS 8 and it has been identified with CVE-2014-4383.

iCamasu v0.42 has been released

iCamasu, iOS com_apple_MobileAsset_SoftwareUpdate, is a Python-based tool that parses and extracts multiple details from Apple iOS software update PLIST files, com_apple_MobileAsset_SoftwareUpdate.xml, and it has been released at Area41. iCamasu is available in the DinoSec Lab and more details have been published in the DinoSec Blog.
June 4, 2014.

"Mobile Devices Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities in 802.1x/EAP Enterprise Networks"

The multiple presentations (some given in Spanish but with English material) from the mobile devices Wi-Fi vulnerabilities in 802.1x/EAP Enterprise networks awareness campaign, performed one year after the original Rooted CON 2013 presentation, are available in the DinoSec Lab.
March and April, 2014.

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